New York state inspections are due every year. We are licensed professionals.


Tires experience wear and tear daily, which is why it is so important to have your tires inspected and serviced regularly. Issues can vary on tires and uneven tread wear may not be solved by simply replacing your tires. Tire rotation, tire balance, and wheel alignment are just a few of the possible solutions. Allow our tire experts at Citgo 112 help you with your tire maintenance today.


A vehicles exhaust system not only reduces the noise of the vehicle, but also reduces the harmful emissions which enter the atmosphere. There’s much more to an exhaust system than just the muffler. A vehicle’s exhaust begins at the engine. Is your vehicle getting louder? Is your vehicle fuel efficiency dropping? You may have an exhaust issue. Contact us to help diagnose and fix your problem.


Check engine lights can feel like a hassle, but your vehicle is trying to warn you that something is wrong. Vehicles’ warning lights come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes and can be very overwhelming. Let us help you with any and all warning lights and symptoms, making your vehicles’ diagnoses hassle-free. We’ll break things down and explain how to get your vehicle back to good health in a timely manner.

Check Engine

Is your vehicle crying for help, literally? Belts can make a lot of noise when they’re wearing down, and hoses can start to leak. Its very important to have your belts and hoses checked regularly and replaced at the time of your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendation. Over time belts and hoses become worn and begin to crack.


Visibility is obviously of the utmost importance while driving. Here at Citgo 112, we can deliver any and all light repairs. We also carry top of the line windshield wipers at a reasonable cost to you. Call with any questions.

Windshield Wipers

Being located in the northeast we are exposed to some extreme weather changes. With theses changes comes a fluctuation in temperature. Heating and A/C has become a necessity today. Like any system in your vehicle, the heating and A/C needs some love and attention as well. If you are experiencing any type of issues with this system, allow your experienced technicians at Citgo 112 help diagnose and repair them.


Steering and suspension stabilizes your vehicle and allows you to remain in control. Your vehicles manufacturer calls for routine maintenance to ensure your steering and suspension do not fail. These routine checkups will keep costly repairs to a minimum. However, unavoidable issues occur, such as the dreaded pothole. Bring your vehicle in to Citgo 112 for your scheduled maintenance or repair today


Here at Citgo 112 we carry warrantied Interstate batteries. If you’re having battery issues, we can get you on your way in no time. If your vehicle is having starting issues, it may not be due to the battery. Your alternator, starter, bad terminal ends, etc. may be the cause of your vehicles starting issues. Call for any questions


Is your vehicle smoking or running hotter than normal? We can help. Your vehicles engine produces a lot of heat from the constant combustion. Your cooling system keeps temperatures under control. Sometimes damage can occur over time for numerous reasons. If your having overheating issues or any leaks bring your vehicle in for a diagnoses ASAP.


Is your vehicle pulling to the side? Is your tire’s tread wearing uneven? Is your fuel efficiency below what is expected? Your vehicle may be in need of an alignment. Alignments will straighten the angle of your wheels improving these issues. Here at Citgo 112, we use a Hunter Alignment system, one of the leading manufactures in alignment system technology. Bring your vehicle in for it’s alignment today.

citgo 112 wheel alignment

Your vehicle’s brake system has one job, stopping your vehicle. However, there are many components which act together in order to do so. There are many warning signs to let you, the driver, know if its time to have your brake system removed or replaced. Have your brake specialists here at Citgo 112 inspect your brakes today.

citgo 112 breaks1

Oil is critical to the life of your vehicle’s engine. Having constant moving parts, your vehicle’s engine needs constant lubrication. All vehicles require oil changes at various intervals based on time and mileage. Here at Citgo 112 we offer our signature “Ultra Lube” package which includes up to the first 5 quarts of oil, oil filter, top off all fluids, check tire pressure, and lubricate the front end if required.

Oil Change